One GRITS Journey To Convert Beloved Southern Recipes to Paleo Approved, and Darn GOOD too!

This is my story of how I am striving to change my family's life, nutritionally, for the better. Here in the deep South Paleo is a foreign word. No one has heard of it, and gluten free is really almost as unheard of...
After reading Gary Taubes enlightning GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES I was determine to change! Armed with my own two hands, the internet (thank God for, and all those wonderful blogs and podcasts available now, I am beginning my journey.
Please feel free to join me as I try to adapt all of our Southern Favorites into Paleo Appropriate Scrumptiousness!!! (and all Gluten Free) I will try to post all of the good ones, and may even blog about some failures along the way.

19 February 2011

Why Paleo and the South go well together...My top 10 Reasons

1. Can we say Butter?? That has to be first. WE love us some Butter in our recipes down South.

2. Fried. If you can grow it, we can find a way to serve it fried. And now I find out that this is not bad for me. Fats are healthy. Fried is ok, if the right fat is used. Bring it on. I can fry in  coconut oil, lard or duck fat all day long for you bubba!

3. Slow going, from scratch, the way your momma did it? Thats what we are all about. Well not this generation maybe, but just go back one generation and thats REAL here.

4. There are TONS of grass fed sources in the South. I mean TONS. You just have to look for them.

5. We have good weather most of the year. So fresh local food. We have it covered. Right outside the door in our own garden is possible here. Or if not, the farmers markets are brimming with options almost all year long. We don't have to rely on the local Supermarket offerings. We really do not.

6. The  REAL South is all COASTAL, or within  a few hours at most. So there is no excuse for not being able to access fresh seafood. ( I have to kick myself here, as I NEVER cook fish-shame on me)

7. So many Southern Recipes, I mean AUTHENTIC, dyed in the wool Old South Recipes are almost Paleo already- need so little adapting.

8. Because living like our Grandmomma's , grandmomma's, momma's momma's did is COOL!

9. Because we have sun most of the year-- getting your Vit D is easy here ya'll!!!!

10. Because BBQ is on the Good for you list. FOR REAL YA'LL. Need I say more?

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  1. Hi Erika - I just found you through your comment on Shauna's Gluten Free Girl and The Chef.
    I too have just decided to try and eat Primal, so I look forward to following your journey (and your recipes). I have celiac disease too and the reading I have done about the way we eat and the food we eat (and the way it is produced), almost frightens me.
    Paleo/primal is so opposite to the 'conventional wisdom' that it too is a bit scary. But somehow - on a gut level - it just makes sense. We have some fantastic food and resources here in NZ - it is easier to get great ingredients than it is to get processed rubbish (Guacamole without avocado!??? - cheese in a CAN!!!!!!!????. So no excuses here either.
    Good luck - I look forward to checking in.
    PS - I also have a new blog. It was intended to
    be a collection of recipes that were simply gluten-free.... it will change a little as I try to eat differently (sugar-free too, I hope)
    JanetK (


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