One GRITS Journey To Convert Beloved Southern Recipes to Paleo Approved, and Darn GOOD too!

This is my story of how I am striving to change my family's life, nutritionally, for the better. Here in the deep South Paleo is a foreign word. No one has heard of it, and gluten free is really almost as unheard of...
After reading Gary Taubes enlightning GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES I was determine to change! Armed with my own two hands, the internet (thank God for, and all those wonderful blogs and podcasts available now, I am beginning my journey.
Please feel free to join me as I try to adapt all of our Southern Favorites into Paleo Appropriate Scrumptiousness!!! (and all Gluten Free) I will try to post all of the good ones, and may even blog about some failures along the way.

17 March 2011

Whats for DINNER???

I try to plan meals two weeks at a time. I am going to try to start posting my weekly meal schedule on Sundays or Mondays.... I often just list Veggie, not a name, as I wait to see what looks good when I go to buy!

Here is my rough draft from today through next week..

Steak and Veggie and Salad

Dinner-Marinated Lamb Skewers and Roasted Veggie Blend ( sweet potatoes, onion, carrots, maybe a parsnip or turnip?)
Baked Tomato Chicken with White Rice ( I soak my rice overnight and rinse well before cooking it to get as much anti-nutrient out of it as possible, but we do eat rice sometimes)
 Sweet Potato Shepards Pie and salad
My Mushroom Meatballs with Tomato Sauce,  Homemade Caesar Salad for lunch and Marinated Grilled Chicken Wings for Dinner with a Veggie
Homemade Chicken Fingers, Sweet Potato Fries
Steak, Veggie, and a salad
Kids Fav Crockpot Pork Chops

Breakfast  is usually whatever kids "order up" that day-- some variation of Eggs and Bacon usually.... or yogurt, or Jack's fav-( Porridge as he calls it) otherwise known as Rice Pudding heated up, or  Rice Chex mix with blueberries and grated coconut,  or a muffin of somesort,
Today Jackson had leftover steak and some eggs....
so as you can see this really varies....
Lunches are almost always a meat roll up of some kinds, some sort of a fruit, and either  yogurt or cheese... pretty simple! Oh, and water in their water bottles... I usually eat a variation of the same, or leftovers....
Snacks are usually yogurt, Sharkies, nuts, an apple, meat roll ups, Cheese stick, sometimes I make coconut milk smoothies of some sort.....

if some of the above meals turn out really well I will post the recipe....

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