One GRITS Journey To Convert Beloved Southern Recipes to Paleo Approved, and Darn GOOD too!

This is my story of how I am striving to change my family's life, nutritionally, for the better. Here in the deep South Paleo is a foreign word. No one has heard of it, and gluten free is really almost as unheard of...
After reading Gary Taubes enlightning GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES I was determine to change! Armed with my own two hands, the internet (thank God for, and all those wonderful blogs and podcasts available now, I am beginning my journey.
Please feel free to join me as I try to adapt all of our Southern Favorites into Paleo Appropriate Scrumptiousness!!! (and all Gluten Free) I will try to post all of the good ones, and may even blog about some failures along the way.

13 April 2011

Preparing for EASTER (I mean the easter baskets and kids part here)

I know one the biggest questions most people have is HOW TO I FEED MY KIDS? on a Modified Paleo lifestyle plan???

This question really comes front and center with Holidays... Halloween=Candy right?? and Easter baskets? Well aren't they filled to the brim with candy????

I thought I would do a quick post on KIDS eating a REAL FOODS (modified paleo) lifestyle. I  know it can seem so overwhelming...
Where do you start???  I came up with a littlest..... KIDS VERSION top 10 list

1. Rid your hose of the JUNK... (get rid of everything processed, sugary, and full of gluten items) You can give it to a  food bank perhaps????? - or just start to phase it out and then DON"T replace it with the same junk!

2. Do not make a big deal of the transition. Make it FUN to try new things... (I actually had a few big dinner parties (family) with lots of new things to try)

3. Focus first on eliminating SUGAR and GLUTEN... these are biggies-

4. Next, focus on good quality MEATS, veggies and HEALTHY FATS...break out the grass fed butter, and the COCONUT in all forms.. Coconut MILK, Coconut OIL, straight whole coconut if you can get it... KIDS NEED FAT. they have developing little bodies, and FAT is ESSENTIAL. Don't be scared of it- and if you are just read the research, or shoot me an email!

5. Know they WILL eat it eventually!!!! ( kids won't starve themselves- they will come around- do not back down)

6. Remember those days giving up thier pacifier or thumb??? It wasn't so easy for them , but once it was gone they never looked back.. Think of it like that.... They may balk at the idea of no more junk, eating meats and veggies... but you still made them give up that pacifier right??? Same thing.
7. Know that they are getting the nutrition they need. They are getting more vitamins and minerals in their little bodies eating this way than they ever did eating the TYPICAL AMERICAN KID DIET that they were eating before.... FOR REAL!

8. Know that this is REAL life, and that you will not be a the FOOD POLICE 100% of the time.. Its OK! Yes they will go to parties, to friends houses, etc... thats ok.. If you are feeding them REAL WHOLE FOODS at home, and sending healthy lunches.... Well then they are eating SUPER healthy overall... Thats what counts... (and as they are on this lifestyle longer and longer themselves just watch, they will start making healthier choices when they are not with you too!!!!)

9.  Know Snacking is GOOD.. These are growing kids. They make need to snack.. just provide smaller quantities of what you would give them at a meal, or whole milk yogurt ( homemade or at least LOW LOW SUGAR), or a small pile of nuts, pieces of rolled up meats, Raw Veggies with a homemade dip...
10. SET A GOOD EXAMPLE, this is soo important.. Kids soak it in, they watch w`hat their parents eat- even while balking at it--so eat right yourself!!!!!!

On to EASTER planning

You can still  make a great basket and have the fun Easter egg hunt. Maybe offer to help plan the Hunt?
Instead of candy in the eggs why not little fun prizes??? Erasers, mini toys, etc.... We even hide the baskets, and then they have to hunt and hunt to find them!!!!
this is Jack when he found his basket a couple years ago!!!

 Last year I color coded each Kids eggs.. So they had to find their own color- and in each I put puzzle pieces. So at the end of the  hunt they could each put together their own puzzle...

For our baskets this year.... I bought them each one VERY HIGH QUALITY Chocolate BUNNY--read high cocoa level 75%-- and the rest of the basket will be filled with little TOYS or books or art supplies. I plan to hit up the christian bookstore...

Easter dinner will be 100% clean healthy whole foods... and then I will be throwing in a dessert and maybe a bread??? but they will be 100% homemade, and 100% Gluten Free, and I will use a whole source for my "Sugar" - perhaps honey???

I will post soon what my exact plan is for EASTER dinner!!!!

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