One GRITS Journey To Convert Beloved Southern Recipes to Paleo Approved, and Darn GOOD too!

This is my story of how I am striving to change my family's life, nutritionally, for the better. Here in the deep South Paleo is a foreign word. No one has heard of it, and gluten free is really almost as unheard of...
After reading Gary Taubes enlightning GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES I was determine to change! Armed with my own two hands, the internet (thank God for, and all those wonderful blogs and podcasts available now, I am beginning my journey.
Please feel free to join me as I try to adapt all of our Southern Favorites into Paleo Appropriate Scrumptiousness!!! (and all Gluten Free) I will try to post all of the good ones, and may even blog about some failures along the way.

29 January 2012

SCOTCH EGGS-( this may be the greatest thing since sliced bread)

and since we can't eat sliced bread on a Paleo diet ....well its just the best thing ever!!!!!
I am sure many of you are aware of what Scotch Eggs are-they are famous from High Tea with The Queen of England back in the day aparently!- I am just discovering them!!!!!
I first saw them on a some sight recently, for the life of me I cannot remember which one....and then they appeared in Well Fed, my new fav cookbook infatuation.....
I took this as a sign, I must make them NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't follow each recipe exactly, but the method-well that is the same anywhere you look......
12 hard boiled eggs
Ground Sausage ( or ground pork that you season as you wish)

First, hardboil your eggs.....
HOW TO HARD BOIL THE PERFECT EGG.... (this I have been doing for years, trust me!)
- place eggs in a pan, cover with cold water
-bring water to a boil on the stove and then cover the pot and take it off the burner.
-wait 10 minutes and then place the eggs in a bowl of ice water to cool them off quickly, then place in the fridge to get completely cold
- now you can peel them as us as you wish--- 
(if you do not place in in cold water when you take them out but let them sit for 20-30 min instead before placing them in fridge the inside will cook a tad bit more, the cold water will give you a perfect yolk!!!!!)
-Get your sausage (either preseasoned or seasoned as you see fit-whatever flavors you feel like at the moment) and Make 12 even sized balls.
- Now flatten a patty and wrap it around an egg. Place on a cookie sheet. ( just keep kneading it and you will soon have the egg completely covered, I promise!)
( a trick I learned from WELL FED, for something extra coat in PORK RIND crumbs before baking-with a thin layer... if you want a thick layer go one more step and roll in beaten egg and then again in pork rind crumbs before baking)
-I used CAW CAW PORK ground sausage....- I buy mine at the ALL LOCAL FARMERS MARKET
THEY WERE HEAVENLY!!!!! I mean seriously, how were these not a Southern FOOD? British?????? Really??????
Well, either way I will take it. I will be making these OFTEN from now on!!!!!!!

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  1. I'll never forget: you were the one who taught me to hard-boil the perfect egg at your parents' house! :)


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