One GRITS Journey To Convert Beloved Southern Recipes to Paleo Approved, and Darn GOOD too!

This is my story of how I am striving to change my family's life, nutritionally, for the better. Here in the deep South Paleo is a foreign word. No one has heard of it, and gluten free is really almost as unheard of...
After reading Gary Taubes enlightning GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES I was determine to change! Armed with my own two hands, the internet (thank God for, and all those wonderful blogs and podcasts available now, I am beginning my journey.
Please feel free to join me as I try to adapt all of our Southern Favorites into Paleo Appropriate Scrumptiousness!!! (and all Gluten Free) I will try to post all of the good ones, and may even blog about some failures along the way.

20 February 2013

Pancetta Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breast with Red Pepper Cream Sauce

Tonight I was sooo not feeling it. I did not want to cook. I am so sore and achy. So I said to the hubby- here is chicken breast- grill it and I am gonna rest.
10 minutes later.....ugh, we are out of gas for the grill hon.... I get up, head to the kitchen, and 
Can I get a WOOT! WOOT!
So I had chicken, some red and yellow bell peppers that needed to be used, some pancetta to use up, some cream cheese..... and what it yielded is actually worth writing down- a two thumbs up from the kiddos! I love when I can get them to LIKE veggies they say they don't!!!!
I wish I had a good camera, it is so much prettier than this gives it justice....

Pancetta Wrapped, Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast with a Red Pepper Cream Sauce
3 boneless chicken breast
1 tub cream cheese ( I am a full fat girl, but whatever floats your boat)
6 pieces pancetta
Ranch dressing-dry seasoning  (I used Penzey's Buttermilk ranch)- to season chicken, and then some for sauce ( 3T for chicken, 1 T for sauce???- I didn't measure)
1 Red bell pepper, chopped fine
1 Yellow bell pepper, chopped fine
1 lemon wedge (or perhaps two?)
1 T butter
1/4 cup heavy cream (you can use milk here-just won't be quite as thick)

1. To start lay out your chicken, cut each piece in half lengthwise and then pound out so that each is a thin and even thickness. Season each side liberally with dry ranch seasoning.
2.Place a tablespoon of cream cheese (or any soft cheese really-brie perhaps?) in the middle of each chicken piece and then roll up (like a log).
2. Now wrap the pancetta around each piece. -you can secure with toothpics if you want, I skipped it)
3. Get a heavy bottom skillet and heat up the EVOO and butter on high heat. When it is up to a good high heat, place chicken rolls into skillet and sear on each side( this will crisp up the pancetta and hold in your juices)- Place in a casserole dish and set aside.
4. Drain all but a tablespoon of the grease from the pan. Now add your peppers. Saute over med heat till soft. Add remaining cream cheese and melt over low heat. Add cream and stir, simmering for 1 min. Add some seasoning, I used maybe 1/2 tablespoon?
Now transfter this mixture to a blender, or use an immersion blender and blend till it creates a smooth beautiful sauce. Return to pan and simmer 2-3 minutes more, stirring constantly. (remember with dairy low heat only- it can curdle up on you, especially the lesser fat dairy) Taste the sauce...does it need more seasonings? salt?pepper??
Once you like it hit it with about a squeeze of fresh lemon- this brightens it right up and man is it good!
5. Pour your sauce over your chicken and put that baby in the oven. Cook at 375 degrees for approx. 35 minutes, or unitl your chicken is cooked through.

SERVE IT UP- this makes 6 servings.
the red pepper sauce was soooo yummy, it would be so great over pasta with shrimp perhaps???  hmmm, wheels turning.
I love when I come up with something that works and is so uber simple!!!!- the sauce takes like 5 minutes! That is my kinda sauce!
- I have to say, if you really wanted to make this something special, I would blanch and peel the peppers, or perhaps blacken and peel them first. I would also add a bit of onion and garlic to the sauce.... but I have to say for a quickie sauce, it was darn good and developed well.

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